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Yunchang, Ltd. is a manufacturing company that specializes in various electrode dry ovens. It was established by Kang Kyusuk who has 40 years experience in the industry. He has applied for many patents and has 9 patents related to electrode ovens.

Upon this technical foundation, Yunchang, Ltd. leads the Korean market, holding 90% of the market share. Yunchang dry ovens are known for their quality and dependability. Yunchang dry ovens are exported worldwide and are sold to such industrial sectors as those for ship construction, nuclear power plant construction, steam power plant construction, bridge structure manufacture, large gas pipe manufacture, and industrial boiler manufacture.

Yunchang, Ltd.'s production line is so flexible that any custom specification for electrode ovens can be met.

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Company : Yunchang, Ltd and DaeWon Electric Company
Phone : (1)82-31-384-4371
FAX : (1)82-31-381-4373
Address : (1)Hanil B/D 5 Floor, 1444-1, Kwanyang-Dong, Dongan-Ku, Anyang City, Kyonggi Do, S. Korea(Zip Code: 431-060)
(2)155-1, Ahnyang7-Dong, Manan-Ku, Ahnyang-City, Kyonggi-Do, S. Korea(Zip Code: 430-017)
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